I continued hearing great things about Vue and finally circled around to using Vue 2 again. This time I devoted myself towards always referring back to the original documentation to solve issues. The documentation was the best I’ve seen. Coming from an angular 1 background I felt comfortable with Vue in one afternoon. I began moving meanbase, a cms built with angular, to Vue. My app was so much faster in early tests. The boiler plate was less than Angular 2 and less than React. Vue also had directives which allowed my users to maintain their theme api. Vue is more like Angular 1 than Angular 2 is (without Dependency Injection) and it’s faster than even React. Vue 2 combines the best parts of React, and Angular 1 & 2. It took about a week of development to get around the gotcha’s in a product quality complex CMS. Comparing this to Angular, I’ve worked on enterprise production apps for almost 2 years and still haven’t figured out all the gotcha’s of Angular 1. Angular 1 took months to master. Vue 2 took a week. Keep in mind when I said Angular 2 took I week, I meant just the initial learning not mastery.

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